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Cleaning Between the Lines

Keeping your floor clean is an important part of maintaining a beautiful home, and you do your best to clean the floor tiles, but what about the grout?

When it's not cleaned regularly, the grout accumulates dirt, grease and other kinds of residue that doesn't come off easily and gives the floor a dirty look, even after cleaning.This happens usually in damp areas, such as bathrooms, and areas in the house that are frequently used, such as kitchens.

All Clean – All Green

The experienced professionals of Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner guarantee you a thorough and powerful tile and grout cleaning that will remove stains, marks, mold and mildew, for a sparkling clean floor.

We use only natural, non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning agents, so the house is not only clean, but also safe for children and pets.

A Good Fit for Today's Economy

We welcome you to take advantage of our variety of discount coupons, in our coupon section. In the bottom of this you will find a discount of 15% for tile and grout cleaning, so even in tough times you will have a sparkling floor in a beautiful home.

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Ralph Banners, Park Slope

I'm a pretty messy person, but with the professional carpet cleaning service I get every 6 months, you would never know. My carpet looks great and smells so fresh.