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To Carpet or Not to Carpet?

There are many benefits to installing a wall to wall carpet at home: The house looks and feels warmer, it is nicer to walk barefoot and comfortable to sit on. A carpet absorbs unwanted sounds and noises, bringing some peace and quiet to your house.

Probably the most important feature of having a carpet at home is the Safety in it: There's no risk of slipping and falling, and it is especially safe for households with small kids and old people. If safety comes first for you – carpet is the answer.

When Wide Selection Meets Professional Expertise

You don't need to compromise with Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner: Our highly trained, friendly technicians are seasoned in the art of carpet installation, and are always available for you to answer every question you have.

And of course:All of our work is 100% guaranteed for one month- no questions asked.

We offer you a variety of wall to wall carpets, and are glad to help you select the right fabric, color, texture and pattern that suit your taste and needs.

Discount & Free Estimate

Installing a wall to wall carpet is a big investment. We understand it, and acknowledge that these ties require financial caution, and this is why we offer you those 2 special offers:

1)- Free estimate and consultation appointment, where you will get a full assessment of your needs and the costs of the job.

2) - A discount coupon of 10% off any carpet installation job.

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Lauren Gillman, New York

... After you returned my rug, I was amazed. Literally all the stains are gone and the texture feels fantastic ...