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Expert Repair Services

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner offers a complete carpet care menu that includes carpet repair services. We provide you with professional services and an expert team that relieves all damages, big and small, in your home carpets.

We take pride in our expert repairs and work with you completely to ensure quality results and your satisfaction. We work diligently and precisely every time.

Common Household Carpet Damages

Carpet damages stem from various factors including heavy traffic, infrequent cleaning or vacuuming, and excess dirt, stains and messes.

All of these threats weaken the foundation of your carpets and even affect the installation method—resulting in buckling and loose seams.

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners, we remove all these problems, and more, from your carpets.

Experience, Education, Dedication

Our expert team comes backed with years of hands-on, industry experience and carpet care education. Our technicians use skill and knowledge to deliver the best possible repairs for your carpet.

We use only the best equipment to fix any damage or problem in your carpets. When necessary, we repair other problems, like loose seams, by hand using the best yarns and threads.

Various Carpet Repairs

We provide the following repair services for your home carpets:

  • Re-seaming
  • Re-stretching
  • Patching
  • Fading
  • Color Restoration
  • And more

So when you need a guaranteed, professional carpet repair service in Brooklyn, call our expert team and get started with a free estimate.

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Lauren Gillman, New York

... After you returned my rug, I was amazed. Literally all the stains are gone and the texture feels fantastic ...