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How much experience do you have in professional cleaning

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner opened its doors over ten years ago in the Brooklyn neighborhood. From day one, we continue to provide top quality cleaning services for both commercial and residential spaces throughout Brooklyn.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry full insurance and bonding on our entire company, staff included.

How many technicians should I expect to see at my home?

We send you anywhere between one and three technicians depending on the type and size of your job. All our technicians come with the highest certifications and training. They treat you and your space with the utmost attention and care.

What kinds of specialty cleaning services do you offer?

Outside of our professional carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services, we offer mold removal, flood and water damage repair, deodorizing treatments, tile and grout cleaning, Scotchguard application, and more.

Do you offer green cleaning services?

Yes, we offer a completely green cleaning method for all the professional services on our menu. This method includes the use of green cleaning products and high efficiency machinery to clean all the parts of your space. We leave you with a super healthy, pure, and sustainable clean.

From where do your green cleaning products come?

We buy our green cleaning products directly from EPA certified companies. These companies include Green Depot, Earth Choice, and OdoBan.

When will my carpet be completely dry?

Normally, your carpet will be completely dry between six and 24 hours following a professional cleaning service. Dry times vary due to the type of cleaning method performed and air flow, temperature, and humidity level in the room.

When will my furniture be completely dry

Normally, your furniture will be completely dry between six and eight hours following the professional cleaning service. Dry time varies due to the climate of the room and type of cleaning method. We suggest waiting to use your furniture until 24 hours following the service.

Will all the spots and stains come out?

While we use powerful cleaning products and equipment to remove and break down tough stains, we can not guarantee complete removal. Various factors play a part in determining our success rate. We do, in general, boat a very high success rate in removing tough stains.

How often should I have my carpets, rugs, and furniture professionally cleaned?To get the best life and look out of your home furnishings, we highly suggest that you clean you carpets, rugs, and furniture once every six months.

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Ralph Banners, Park Slope

I'm a pretty messy person, but with the professional carpet cleaning service I get every 6 months, you would never know. My carpet looks great and smells so fresh.