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City living can ruin your rugs

In a city like New York, your rug can really be affected by city dust and smog, as well as everyday use. Dust can build up in a rug's foundations, weakening them, and strong sunlight and humidity can fade your rug and ruin it's fibres.

Pets and small children can cause lasting damage, and stains and smells can ruin your beautiful rug.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner not only offers services to clean your carpets and rugs, we also repair any damage, and restore them to their original condition.

Choose local, professional service

Each rug is unique, so we tailor each rug restoration to your specific type of rug. We factor in its age, color and condition when we begin our restoration work.

Our rug restoration services include: restoring your rug to its original color, fixing and replacing your rug's binding and backing, repairing and straightening fringes, fixing and filling any holes in the rug and removing any stains and bad odors.

Our local, NY based team are specialists in rug repair, and will answer any questions that you may have.

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Kevin Woodsworth, Brooklyn Heights

I am beyond pleased with the high quality clean you guys gave my Oriental rugs. You guys clearly know your stuff, especially when it comes to Oriental pieces. My rug looks and smells fantastic.