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Our Oriental rug cleaning service in Brooklyn gives your precious piece a proper, restorative clean deep into the knots and padding. Our gentle process completely removes all the threatening pollutants from your rug without damaging its original quality or look.

Our team of Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner Oriental rug cleaning experts comes back with traditional and technical skills and experience. We treat your rug with the utmost care and respect.

Depth of Knowledge, Respect

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner, we love fine Oriental rugs. We recognize their unique character traits that tell us from where they come, who made them and how long they have lived.

Each color, knot, weave and thread represents a valuable piece of art—both monetarily and sentimentally.

Finest Products, Materials

When we clean your Oriental rugs, we use only the finest, all-natural green cleaning products. Our natural soaps transform the embedded dirt and tough stains into gentle soaps.

The soaps, and messes, quickly rinse out of your rug and leave you with a healthy, natural clean. Our green cleaning products work like the cleaning solutions used by the original rug craftsman.

Comprehensive Cleaning Process

Our Oriental rug cleaning service follows a traditional cleaning process. It starts with a complete inspection then moves into a dust treatment. We then saturate your rug with our natural cleaning products and rinse complete with fresh, clean water.

We dry your rug in a temperature and humidity-controlled room. Before we return your rug, we perform a final grooming and inspection.

So when you need a traditional and professional Oriental rug cleaning service in Brooklyn, call our expert team.

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