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Complete, Professional Sofa Cleaning Service

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner we offer a full-service, professional sofa cleaning treatment that removes all excess dirt and tough stains completely. We give you a quality clean without damaging your precious upholstery materials.

Our team of trained cleaning technicians comes back with experience and knowledge. They treat your sofa and its materials according to its individual need.

Proven Clean from Comprehensive Process

We start our sofa cleaning Brooklyn service with a complete inspection of your furniture. Our technicians identified all messes and then work with you to determine the correct cleaning method.

We use our special line of green cleaning products to clean your sofa. Our all-natural, non-toxic products work deep into the messes and stains in your sofa and convert them into free-rising soaps. These gentle, yet effective, soaps easily rinse out of your sofa without harming the health in or out of your home.

We us specialized equipment the reaches into all the folds and crevices of your sofa. Our equipment extracts all messes effectively without damaging the integrity or look of your sofa.

Excellent, Guaranteed Clean for All Furniture, Upholstery

We clean all styles of furniture including sofas, couches, arm chairs and chaise lounges. We work with all types of upholstery materials, both natural and synthetic, including leather, suede, micro fiber and cotton.

Our sofa cleaning service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If we fail to meet your expectations, just give us a call and we'll book a re-do service at the next possible time.

So when you need a trusted sofa cleaning Brooklyn service, call the experts at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner.

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Kevin Woodsworth, Brooklyn Heights

I am beyond pleased with the high quality clean you guys gave my Oriental rugs. You guys clearly know your stuff, especially when it comes to Oriental pieces. My rug looks and smells fantastic.