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Organic Cleaning

Is Organic Cleaning Effective? 

Discontinuing use of traditional chemical based cleaning products not only improves the health and safety of your family and Mother Earth, it also provides for a highly effective clean throughout your space. Our combination of non-toxic, certified green cleaning products and cleaning steps successfully remove stains, dirt, germs, and allergens completely. In Brooklyn, we are your ogranic cleaning solution. 

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Using certified green cleaning products and less water, we bust through the stains, messes, and germs hiding in the depths of your carpets. Our products penetrate deep into the fibers to remove all unsightly and off putting messes complete. 

Organic Rug Cleaning 

Following traditional practices of rug experts round the world, we use gentle, yet highly effective, ingredients to remove the pollutants and messes in your rugs. These products kill germs and break down stains and odors to lengthen the life of your rug.

Organic Upholstery Cleaning

For the upholstery on your furniture, we treat your specific upholstery according to its specific need. Our organic cleaning process matches a eco-friendly, enzyme-based cleaning product and water to remove all messes, stains, and odors complete. We organically clean sofas, couches, arm chairs, and more.

Organic Water Damage Repair

Water emergencies bring about chaos and germs. Our powerful green cleaning products successfully restore the clean of your space with all natural sanitizers and disinfectants.

Organic Commercial Cleaning 

Commercial messes don't stand a chance against our organic cleaning process. Using less water and effective, yet simple, ingredients, we completely remove the industrial grade stains, messes, and odors from your space.

Compromise on Chemicals, Not Complete Clean

Compromising on resources and chemicals gives you a healthy and clean space without compromising on long-lasting and professional results.

Try our effective organic cleaning service today. Call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning and schedule your free home cleaning test now. 

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Lauren Gillman, New York

... After you returned my rug, I was amazed. Literally all the stains are gone and the texture feels fantastic ...