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Oriental Rug Restoration

The Original Splendor Recaptured

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners provides high quality Oriental rug restoration services in Brooklyn. Bring your aged, worn or damaged rug to us and we will restore it to its original splendor. We ensure that your rug lasts you for a long time to come. 

Regardless of the reason why your Oriental rug is worn out, we restore it professionally making sure the process is seamless from the beginning to the end. If you have had a rug in storage for a long time or are putting it up for sale, we will make sure it appears attractive. 

Expertise in Rug Restoration

Our restoration team includes experts with years of experience restoring rugs. We make sure your rugs are handled with care and only by professionals who know the job. The crew makes use of traditional techniques with a hint of innovation to restore the rugs to their original state. 

Along with our experienced and trained crew, we guarantee that only the best natural products are used for the restoration of your rugs. The dyes, threads, yarns and cleaning products used are top quality. So, if you want professional and expert Oriental rug restoration in Brooklyn, give us a call. 

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Jessica Quinnm, Oxford

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