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Mysteries in your Mattress

Climbing into bed at night, do you think about the potential bed bugs, dust mites, viruses, bacteria, dust and allergens living in your mattress?

If you do, you realize that your bed can be a messy place to rest your head. Consider professional mattress cleaning with Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner to go back to sweet, clean dreaming.

The Facts of Dirty Mattresses

Where ever you find humans living successfully, you also find dust mites lurking deep in mattresses. Common dust mites feed on your dry, dead skin and create damages that negatively affect your heath.

Bed bugs, another stubborn bed pest, seem to be making a come back into society. In the last year, 95 percent of professional cleaning companies reported an increase of bed bug infestations in places like homes, hotels and university dorms.

Eradicate Bugs, Other Unwanted Bed Mates

Professional mattress cleaning eliminates 100% of unwanted bed guests and allergens and keeps your household clean and healthy.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner uses a specialized, non-toxic system that completely eradicates all dust mites, bed bugs, viruses, bacteria, allergens and spores. We sterilize your mattress thoroughly and remove all of the embedded dust and dirt.

After we finish our mattress cleaning job, you can go to sleep knowing your mattress is clean and free from messy nightmares. Sweet dreams.

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