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Leather Cleaning

Luxurious and Beautiful – Keep it That Way

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner, we offer professional leather cleaning for your naturally upholstered furniture. Stylish and beautiful, leather furniture represents a real luxury item that adds warmth and style to your home.

We're experts when it comes to leather upholstery cleaning in Brooklyn and know just how to keep it in top shape, and extend its lifespan considerably.

Say No to Cracking, Tearing

As a natural fiber, leather reacts differently to threatening pollutants and over exposure. Over exposure to sun light and heat sucks the moisture out of your upholstery and leads to a flaky, dry texture.

Everyday use from family, pets and guests also causes damages to the strength and look of your leather furniture.

Because of its unique quality and delicate nature, leather needs special treatment when cleaned and treated.

Organic Cleaning Means Safe, Healthy Furniture

At Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner, our cleaning enhances the beauty of your leather, maintains its value and lengthening its life. When we clean your leather, we use only the best possible products and materials coupled with the experience and knowledge from our technicians.

Just like our other cleaning services, we use only non-toxic, certified green cleaning products to clean your leather. These special products use only all-natural, chemical ingredients that clean and moisturize without harsh ingredients.

We leave you with not only a deep clean, but also, a healthy clean with no chemical residues or threats.

Supple & Shiny

When we finish the leather cleaning Brooklyn service, we apply deep conditioners that penetrate into the material and leave your furniture looking supple and shiny.

They also create an extra level of protection against environmental and other damages and threats.

So when you need a professional leather cleaning service, call Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner.

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Lauren Gillman, New York

... After you returned my rug, I was amazed. Literally all the stains are gone and the texture feels fantastic ...