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Area rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and makes. They are the fine touches to your home. Most fine crafted area rugs are passed down from generation to generation, and need the best quality care to ensure that they survive the test of time.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaners has a team of highly trained technicians that can expertly clean all types of fine area rugs. First our technicians will check your area rug for any signs of discoloration, fading, wear, stains, odor or any other pre-existing damage. After determining the best way to clean your area rug, our technicians will begin to cleaning using skill and caution.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaning's technicians work with all kinds of fine area rugs. From elegantly designed fine oriental rugs to the most simply designed area rugs, our technicians can clean, retouch and repair them all.

Water Damage

Fine rugs can take a lot of abuse in their lives. One of the most common causes of serious damage to your fine rugs is water damage. Water can cause the delicate foundation of you area rug to weaken or rot.

Potted plants which are regularly watered can cause permanent damp spots on your fine area rug. Plants should not be placed on fine rugs without a proper plant stand or table to keep moisture away from the ground. Another way in which fine rugs are easily water damaged is their exposure to wet surfaces. Even a seemingly dry surface, such as a cold basement floor, can be damp enough to destroy your fine area rugs. Prevent this by keeping fine rugs in clean, dry areas.

Moth Damage

The same moths that eat your clothes can cause damage to your fine area rugs as well. Although the moths do not eat fabric, the larvae can consume large amounts of wool, feather, silk and fur each day. In a dark, undisturbed area thousands of moths can effectively destroy an area rug. Since fine area rugs are not often kept in high traffic areas, they are often victims of moths.

A bad moth infestation can spread quickly from your area rug, to clothes and other fabrics throughout the home. So how can you tell if you have moths? Just look for these signs on your fine area rug

Bare spots in your area rug. Different color yarn in your fine area rug is the result of different types of dyes. Moth larvae (it's the larvae that actually eat the fabric) prefer one color yarn over another, so the bare spots will involve some colors and not others.

A white, web-like material is often found in cases of bad moth infestations.

The easiest way to recognize a moth infestation in your home is finding the actual moth itself.

Adult moths are small, silvery tan or light brown, and fly slowly with very small wings. A cloth moth differs from other types of moths, and when you try to catch them in the air they fold and drop to the ground.

The cocoons for cloths moths are usually 0.5 inches long, and are the same color as the fabric in the carpet. Cloth moth cocoons are camouflaged to blend in with their surroundings.

Moth larvae are thin, white worms around 3/8 inches long. The damage done to your fine area rug is caused by moths in this stage of their life cycle which can last up to 30 months. Larvae also leave behind grainy, sand like excrement which is a good sign of a moth infestation.

Preventing moth damage is much easier than having your fine area rug repaired after a moth infestation. Start by vacuuming the entire surface area of your fine rug weekly, also vacuum the padding and the back of the area rug several times a year. Any surface of the area rug that the vacuum can not reach, can be sprayed with a non-staining insecticide. This process can also be used with wall hangings.

Moth balls, naphthalene odor and cedar odor are ineffective in killing moths, however, carpet specific insecticides do exist and are safe for use in your home.  The same insecticides can be used for any other type of insect infestation in your fine area rugs.

Pet Damage

Having a pet may extend your life, but not the life of your area rugs. Puppies, in their teething stages, are known to cause major damage to fine area rugs. Training your puppy will help prevent damage, however a sprinkling of moth flakes under the edges of the rug will help your pup keep his distance!

De-clawed cats can leave pet stains on many surfaces, however cats that still have their claws love to sharpen them with your fine area rug. With dogs and cats, the best way to keep your fine area rug pet free is training. Sometimes a simple squirt from a water gun is the best way to keep your cat off your fine area rug. (Remember not to get your area rug wet in order to avoid water damage!)

Sun Damage

Although it's not good to keep your fine area rug in a damp, dark location, too much sunlight will cause the brilliant colors of your rug to fade. To prevent sun damage, try using sheer drapes to diffuse sunlight, or keep the rug out of direct sunlight.

Protect Your Fine Area Rugs

Wear and tear is unavoidable on any surface, but the best way to keep your fine area rug in top notch condition is constant attention. Check your rug often for signs of damage, and be sure to rotate your area rug often to even out daily wear and tear, sun fading, and other unavoidable hazards of life.

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