"I am beyond pleased with the high quality clean you guys gave my Oriental rugs. You guys clearly know your stuff, especially when it comes to Oriental pieces. My rug looks and smells fantastic."

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Stubborn Stains, Stinky Messes Arise

All houses see heavy traffic throughout the day, especially across the wall-to-wall carpets and upholstered furniture. Your constant visitors (loved ones, pets and guests) bring with them smelly mysteries that not only leave unsightly stains and unpleasant messes.

When this happens, call the expert cleaning team at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner for a deodorizing treatment.

Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner Ousts Odor, Stain

Our highly-skilled technicians at Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner use the best available equipment and non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning and deodorizing agents during our deodorizing Brooklyn treatment. Our technicians work hard to successfully eradicate all stubborn stains and unpleasant pet odors.

We start our treatment by evaluating all affected areas in your home. Afterwards, our technicians work together with you to create a complete wall-to-wall carpet and upholstered furniture solution to get your home surface clean and fresh.

We guarantee, after our deodorizing treatment, your home will smell fresh and look spotless.

Think Ahead, Protect for Longer

We want to give you an easy opportunity to protect your carpets and upholstery from future smelly stains and messes with ScotchGuard protection.

Our revolutionary fabric barrier, ScotchGuard, provides a strong shield that protects against damaging stains that last longer than professional cleaning treatments. It repels all liquids and prevents dirt from attaching to carpet fibers. With ScotchGuard protection, you are covered.

When Brooklyn Carpet Cleaner finishes your deodorizing Brooklyn treatment, you can enjoy a fresh clean that leaves your home restored and rejuvenated.




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